Tips for Fostering Your Child’s Mental and Physical Wellness Throughout the Pandemic

Tips for Fostering Your Child’s Mental and Physical Wellness Throughout the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a lot of fear and uncertainty that is exaggerated when there is a lack of outdoor activities while in isolation. While adults might understand the situation in a better way, kids may find it hard to cope with and that worsens the situation. Despite the fact that many organizations have indicated that the younger age groups are less susceptible to the infection, it doesn’t change the fact they’ve been impacted by the pandemic. Natural disasters have been known to impact children as they’re more vulnerable compared to other age groups, and it increases their trauma-related stress over time.

Children who already have physical and mental health disorders could be the ultimate impact group and this is why it’s important to maintain their overall health. There are many proven ways to prevent the post-traumatic stress that comes from this uncertain situation, and we at Kids Borough Media are here to help with the how.

Have fun with hygiene

The CDC has provided many recommendations in this regard and it’s absolutely imperative that children are well trained in this aspect. Cultivate healthy physical hygiene habits. They must be asked to wash their hands regularly and wear masks to prevent any potential transmission to them. This can be practiced using fun activities such as singing a song while washing their hands so that they practice the 20-second handwashing routine. Which includes, washing their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Decorate masks that may be required for wearing in certain venues. Create rhymes for the CDC health guidelines to keep them top of mind.

Sunlight keeps the child bright

Make sure your child gets enough sunlight. Now we know that they need to socially distance themselves, but this does not mean that they cannot perform outdoor activities altogether! Take them on a walk around your apartment building with the necessary precautions or play fun and engaging games in your backyard. This should give them an energy boost and increase their immunity too. This also means that you need to structure their day to ensure appropriate eating and bedtimes.

Positivity is key

Use positive discipline practices to prevent post-traumatic stress. There’s enough negativity going around, and you don’t want to introduce that within your home as well. Instead, use positive discipline techniques to maintain a healthy and positive attitude to the uncertainty around us. In the case that they’re acting out, redirect their thoughts and indulge them in creative activities that help them release their boredom. Reward them for any work that they complete so that they feel a sense of accomplishment. The reward is up to your discretion. 

Make home activity interesting

Make sure to include self-care practices such as cooking, reading, listening to some good music, or getting some much-needed rest. Painting and coloring is another great outlet. Drop by the KBM Pinterest page to enjoy some of our free coloring pages. Anything that helps you and your child re-energize is something you should focus on. The tips given above will help your child cope with any post-traumatic stress that they might have in the long run.

We hope that this information helps your child stay fit not just physically but mentally too! If you’d like more information on how to help your child through various other situations, subscribe to our website and follow Kids Borough Media for more educational content for kids and parents.