5 Traits That Children Pick Up While Playing Sports That Can Transfer into Everyday Adult Life

5 Traits That Children Pick Up While Playing Sports That Can Transfer into Everyday Adult Life

Coach Yoda is the founder of Joy Sports Academy, who brings joy to children ages 2-13 through learning sports skills at an early age. He'll be stopping by to share his knowledge on fostering a champion mindset with your little ones.

Perseverance: (I can do this if I keep trying)

From birth to the moment a child makes up their mind to do something, they start developing Perseverance, from wanting to grab a toy, crawling, and learning to walk. Every child has a natural gift and ability to learn from the world around them and go through whatever means necessary to achieve it. Playing Sports at an early age helps them to develop and grow their capacity to see things through even when it is hard, and they keep failing at it. 

Work Ethic: (This is who I am & this is what I do. I always choose to do my best)

Work Ethic sometimes can be confused with Perseverance, but it is simple from a coach's perspective to a child's ear. It is choosing to do their best, one practice at a time. Teaching a child always to give their best in a sport is the key to developing a great work ethic. Their best on day one of practice is very different from their best on day 7.

Courage: (Even if I am afraid, I can do this)

Courage comes when we are afraid to do something amid fear, Courage allows us to take action despite fear. Teaching Courage in early childhood through sports is a powerful thing to give any child. Some kids are not afraid to dribble or win the ball from other players, but most are scared. Courage teaches them it is okay to be frightened, whether it's fear of losing their ball or winning it from others. Yet, they can overcome that fear by deciding to still play through it.

Confidence: (I believe in myself, It does not matter if I fail)

Confidence goes hand in hand with Courage; most of these traits do. They complement each and fit like a puzzle. Confidence allows children to be courageous in sports because they believe in their ability to do what needs to be done.

Passion: (I am excited, This is fun, This makes me happy)

Passion for sports is what I call joyful. It gives children the opportunity to experience that feeling. In the right environment with the right coach, every kid can develop a passion and joy in the sport they choose to play. Once a child is passionate and joyful about playing a sport, it creates a solid foundation to build upon for the rest of their lives.

These five traits are essential for children to learn early, and putting them in sports allows them to unlock these traits sooner than later.

The beautiful part about these five traits is that, once again, they compliment and build on each other. For example, let's start with passion, even if a child is not great at a sport and is passionate and joyful about playing. It leads to becoming more confident in playing the sport, leading to Courage to try something new or challenging. Courage brings out work ethic, which means giving their best in all they do. Finally, they can persevere through any challenges that come their way. 

In wrapping everything up, There is a vital part to children learning and developing these traits that I don't want to overlook. The Coach! It all comes down to the right coach! The right coach will make all the difference in how your child develops these traits. I know good to great coaches are hard to come by, but they are out there; please keep this in mind when you see a coach that cares and brings out the best in your child.