5 Holiday Treats That Kids Can Help With

5 Holiday Treats That Kids Can Help With

The upcoming holidays are approaching, and it's a fantastic opportunity to involve your children in the festive spirit. Engaging them in holiday activities not only sparks their creativity but also strengthens family bonds. Here are five delightful holiday treats that your kids can participate in:

Christmas Tree Brownies

Picture this – Christmas tree brownies on a stick with green frosting, sparkles, and a pretzel trunk. Kids can have a blast decorating these, and it's even more exciting than cake pops.

M&M Christmas Cookie Bars

Your little ones can help by placing red and green M&M candies on top of the cookie bars before baking. The cookie dough includes dark chocolate chips and is baked all at once, saving valuable time.

Crock Pot Candy

Spend quality time with your kids making crock pot candy. They can join in by dropping spoonfuls of the melted almond bark and chocolate chips with peanuts onto parchment paper and adding sprinkles before it sets.

Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

Crafting sugar cone Christmas trees is a delightful project for both adults and kids. Using ice cream cones and an icing kit, they can create these festive treats, making them perfect decorations for cakes or a winter-themed tablescape.

Gingerbread People

Making gingerbread people is a wonderful family activity. Your children can join in the fun of baking, decorating, and savoring these delightful treats. Plus, it fills the house with a fantastic aroma.

Here at KBM we emphasize on getting the kids active & involved. This holiday season, get your kids to help with these holiday recipes, and you'll not only create delicious treats but also cherished family memories. Enjoy the festive season!