3 Ways Playing Outside Will Boost Your Child's Fitness

3 Ways Playing Outside Will Boost Your Child's Fitness

The digital world has helped us in many ways but it seems like the upcoming generation is missing out on the many benefits of actually ‘going outside’. A recent survey suggests that American children spend 35% less time outdoors compared to their parents when they were the same age. The pandemic hasn’t made it any better because now, any schoolwork or extracurricular is dependent on a screen!

It’s hard to see it as an issue now that the world has gone remote. Let us tell you how outdoor activities can boost your child’s fitness!

1. Increased physical fitness

Nothing beats the importance of physical exercise, simply because the benefits outweigh the risks. When children play outside, they do more natural activities such as running, playing with a ball, etc., which could improve their adjunct motor skills. They also get the benefit of sunshine and we’re sure you know that Vitamin D is key to the formation of strong bones leading to fewer medical problems.

2. Increased cognitive development

It’s important to focus on a child’s cognitive development in association with their physical fitness too. Why? Because it contributes to the overall development of the child’s fitness. When children play outside, they tend to exercise their critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. These skills in turn increases the neuroplasticity of their brain. By that, we mean that it increases their ability to adapt to different environments and learn more effectively.

3. Improved sleep and mood

There are many factors that contribute to a child’s mood and sleep is one of them. When your child is indulging in engaging in an outdoor lifestyle, it helps them feel less isolated. They also tend to sleep better because the physical activity itself tires them out enough to get a good night’s sleep. When a child sleeps well, they are known to have a better mood throughout and an overall increase in positivity! Who doesn’t love a child that radiates positivity all the time?

One additional benefit to playing outside is that your child is going to more appreciative of nature itself. This will help them learn the importance of taking care of the environment. Now that we’ve laid out the benefits, we’re sure you’re struggling with ideas on how to improve your child’s fitness. Why don’t we help you out?

You can read this brilliant book ‘The Boogie Bop Book Series’ written by S. Oakley. It talks about the different ways in which your child can get their daily dose of outdoor physical activity while enjoying themselves! With their motto being “Healthy Body, Healthy Minds”, you really cannot go wrong!